In these troubled times, pre-suit divorce mediation is needed more than ever.

We live in troubled times, and no matter what your opinions may be on the issues facing our country and world today, we can all agree that society has radically changed for the worse.  America used to be the great marketplace of ideas, and we prided ourselves on the fact that we had the freedom to agree to disagree with our government, family, friends and neighbors.  We could vigorously debate a point with family and friends, and afterward still gather around a table to break bread and celebrate our love and the basic human attributes that tie us all together as one human family.


No matter what side you may be on, it is glaringly obvious that most of the media appear to have a specific agenda to throw fuel on the fire of discord facing this great country.  Nearly every news article or public interest story posted online is followed by comments that are overflowing with hatred and disgust for each other, instead of raising legitimate points for a friendly discussion or trying to persuade others to see one’s point of view.  On the roads it seems that impatience and aggravation is at an all-time high, and we are constantly hearing about “road rage” incidents that simply did not happen with any frequency in the recent past.  The air seems to be charged with negative energy of late, and I am saddened to see that most people are unable to resist all the negativity and have been conditioned to simply join in the fight, keeping their minds closed to the possibility that other opinions may have some merit when viewed in a different light.


When I gave up practicing law and founded Healthy Family Mediation Center, I devoted my career to helping couples face the trauma of divorce in a healthier way that seeks to avoid the damaging and costly traps of the traditional and attorney-driven adversarial process.  I strongly believe that everyone, even those in the unhappiest of marriages, can successfully resolve all their issues in a cooperative manner, without spewing the additional venom that goes hand-in-hand with a contested divorce, and without creating a wall of anger that can take many years to break through.  It goes without saying that this is particularly important when children are involved, as they have no voice and are subject to great psychological damage if the parents are not able to move forward and co-parent in a manner that reflects the best interests of the children.


Break free of the negative emotion that permeates our society today and give yourselves the opportunity to complete your divorce without further damage, and without needlessly enriching divorce attorneys to the detriment of your family’s ultimate well-being after the divorce.  Please contact Healthy Family Mediation Center at (239) 529-3549 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can help.

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