Pre-suit Mediation Gives Most People the Opportunity to Avoid Costly Legal Fees When Divorcing

Although I was a trial lawyer for more than 20 years, I have completely stopped practicing law, and have turned my focus exclusively to pre-suit divorce mediation.  The pre-suit mediation process allows couples to avoid the adversarial, attorney-driven system that is so typical, and to focus on the issues in a more cooperative manner.


As a mediator, I am ethically precluded from providing either party with legal advice.  However, I am very familiar with Florida law governing divorces, having formerly practiced in that area, and I use that knowledge to educate the parties on the law that applies to their circumstances, and to facilitate an open dialogue in which the parties seek in good faith to resolve the outstanding issues without resorting to emotionally damaging and expensive courtroom battles.  It is my intention to help couples completely avoid any legal fees in connection with their divorce, and most of the time this is the case.


However, in the event a couple faces more complicated circumstances, or if a party otherwise has lingering questions or doubts about his or her legal rights or a proposed settlement, attorneys can always be retained on a limited advisory basis to answer these questions or review a proposed marital settlement agreement.  Additionally, should settlement negotiations break down, the parties are always free to enter the adversarial system and proceed with a contested divorce, with the issues to be determined by the judge.


With all the advantages of pre-suit divorce mediation versus the adversarial system, nearly everyone can benefit from an effort to resolve their divorce right from the beginning.  Please contact us at 239-529-3549 or visit us at to learn more about Healthy Family Mediation Center and our pre-suit mediation services, and how we can help you to avoid the expensive legal fees that are so typical in contested divorces.

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