Whether you mediate or litigate your divorce, don’t forget to take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Everyone knows how traumatic divorce can be, even when the parties agree on all or most of the issues.  While the effects of divorce vary from person to person, it is fairly common for most people to experience some level of anxiety when contemplating all the changes and uncertainty for the future, and even the best case scenario still involves a shift of one’s identity as a married person, and such a change can be a difficult adjustment, particularly when the parties have been married for a long time.


Many people are so stressed out and overwhelmed by the process that they develop unhealthy habits or neglect to pay attention to the things we all must do to maintain our physical and mental health.  For example, some will turn to food as a comfort item and gain a significant amount of weight, while others will be so distraught that they simply lose their appetite and fail to eat properly, both of which can obviously lead to further health problems.  Sleep can also be impacted, with some developing insomnia, and others sleeping an excessive amount due to their depression or similar conditions.


Unfortunately, these things are all happening during a time when the parties are compelled to make important decisions that can have long-lasting implications, particularly when they have young children, and the lack of proper physical or mental health can have drastic consequences and lead to poor decision-making.  I strongly believe that pre-suit mediation is the best process for alleviating some of these circumstances, especially the uncertainty and financial distress that go hand in hand with a traditional, contested divorce, as detailed in our website and previous blogs.


However, even pre-suit mediation cannot eliminate all the potential stress and trauma caused by the divorce, and it does not replace therapy, which is often useful or necessary to enable one or both parties to get to the finish line and maintain a positive attitude moving forward with their lives.  It goes without saying that these issues are even more important when minor children are involved.


Please visit our website at www.healthyfamilymediation.com to learn more about pre-suit mediation and how it can help you through the divorce process in the most healthful manner possible, and always remember to make an extra effort to take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually during and after your divorce.

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