Mediation is generally required at some point in a traditional contested divorce, so it makes sense to attempt a settlement before the divorce is even filed.

In most cases, the judge presiding over a traditional contested divorce will require the parties to attempt a settlement through mediation before they are even given a trial date.  Court dockets are more crowded than ever, and as a result courts will generally refuse to resolve disputed issues through trial until the parties have made a good faith effort to address those issues themselves.


The facts of each case are different, but in general, most people go through this court-ordered mediation many months after the case has been filed, usually after multiple court hearings have been held and many thousands of dollars in legal fees have been incurred by each party.  While it is true that such court-ordered mediations often result in a settlement of all issues, at that stage of the proceedings the parties are frequently emotionally wounded and weary from the battles both in and out of the courtroom, such that moving forward with a healthy attitude is extremely challenging.


Unlike traditional adversarial divorce, in which the process is started with lawyers and court filings, pre-suit mediation provides an opportunity for the parties to discuss the issues before their emotions have been ramped up though expensive and stressful litigation.  Even if they are upset over the circumstances leading up to the divorce, the relaxed and informal setting of pre-suit mediation is much more conducive to a successful outcome without the trauma and expense of litigation.


You are required to mediate anyway, and with the affordable, flat-fee options available at Healthy Family Mediation Center, you might as well make an effort to mediate right from the start.  Everyone knows someone that regrets their expensive and contentious divorce, and wishes they had done it differently from the start. Please contact us to learn more about how pre-suit mediation can help you to avoid those circumstances and complete your divorce in an emotionally healthful manner.


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