Healthy Family Mediation Center provides affordable document-preparation services even if you and your spouse have already agreed on the terms of the divorce and do not need mediation.

I often meet with couples who tell me they have already worked out the terms of their divorce
settlement, and simply need assistance getting everything down on paper in a format that will be
acceptable and enforceable by the court. The Supreme Court of Florida has created forms for divorcing couples that cover most circumstances, especially when the parties are cooperating through the process, but often couples are so busy with work and their parenting duties that they simply don’t have time and feel overwhelmed wading through all the possible forms needed to get their divorce finalized.

At Healthy Family Mediation Center, we are well-equipped to help couples like this, and can likely get everything done without the need for mediation, which is only necessary when the parties are unable to agree on something and require the help of a neutral mediator to work through the issue. Although we can never provide either party with legal advice, we are knowledgeable as to all aspects of the divorce process and can ensure that you have not overlooked something on which the courts also require an agreement. We can also assist with preparing all court-required documents, so you may proceed to obtain an uncontested divorce in the most efficient and affordable manner possible.
If you and your spouse have agreed on everything and simply need help reaching the finish line, please contact Healthy Family Mediation Center to learn about our affordable flat-fee document preparation packages and how we can help you to avoid any unnecessary stress and aggravation through this process.

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