Statements made during divorce mediation should be kept confidential, even from close friends and family, to maximize the opportunity for a successful outcome.

I have previously discussed the importance of confidentiality in divorce mediation and why that confidence is required under Florida law.  The parties need to be able to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings without fear that such statements could be used to their disadvantage if the negotiation breaks down and litigation becomes necessary.


Most people have close friends and family members that are turned to for emotional support during stressful times, and it goes without saying that divorce is among the most stressful and traumatic events a person can experience.  That being said, it is important to remember that the duty to maintain confidentiality also extends to these friends and family, and it is essential that the parties refrain from discussing the specifics of their mediation, even with their closest confidants, who are almost certain to ask about those specific details.  Even when such interest is motivated purely out of concern for a friend or loved one going through a difficult time, this outside influence can often derail or otherwise impede the progress of any successful discussions that have occurred during mediation, and it is to be avoided at all costs, even though that may be difficult.  


Please contact us to learn more about pre-suit divorce mediation and how the duty of confidentiality can help to provide a safe space for you and your spouse to discuss and resolve the issues in a healthy and cost-effective manner.

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