Avoid costly and emotional post-judgment litigation—take control of your own destiny when divorcing.

Everyone knows how costly and time-consuming a traditional litigated divorce can be, and when the final decisions are made by a judge instead of the parties, the end result can be disappointing to say the least for one or both of you.  The divorce court generally retains the ability to enforce or modify certain aspects of a final judgment, and unfortunately, many divorced people find themselves back in court time and time again for various reasons, particularly when they are highly dissatisfied with the court’s prior rulings.


Pre-suit mediation allows divorcing couples to maintain control of the process and craft their own solutions for the circumstances that are unique to their family.  When the parties determine their own destiny, rather than having a judge make those decisions, they are much more likely to comply with the marital settlement agreement, and are generally much more willing to discuss potential future modifications in a cordial manner, rather than involving lawyers and running back to court for every single issue that may arise post-divorce.


I invite you to visit our website to learn more about controlling your own destiny through pre-suit mediation, and how you can reduce the risk of continued litigation even after your divorce is final.

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