Avoid costly and uncertain billable hours and take control with pre-suit divorce mediation

I was a practicing trial attorney for more than 20 years, and while I enjoyed that work immensely, I ultimately grew to despise one of the fundamental aspects of most law practices, the billable hour.  Going through a divorce is stressful enough under the best of circumstances.  The uncertainty that accompanies a billable hour attorney fee structure only compounds the stress and trauma, and when a divorce drags on for months or years, with the money flowing out month after month, it keeps getting worse and worse.  While some attorneys will do their best to estimate the total cost of a divorce from the outset, those same attorneys will be very careful to explain that such estimates are not guarantees, and that there is no possible way to accurately predict the total attorney’s fees at the beginning of the process.

I no longer practice law, and have devoted my career to providing divorcing couples with an alternative to the typical adversarial divorce litigation so prevalent in society today.  When I founded Healthy Family Mediation Center, one of my goals was to establish a fee structure that removed all uncertainty and guesswork, and that did not require me to continually send large legal bills to my clients during such a difficult time.  To that end, we offer affordable and comprehensive flat-fee packages that not only include all required mediation time, but also the preparation of all the required documents for the parties to proceed with an uncontested divorce.  This allows divorcing couples to devote their energy on resolving the issues without constantly worrying about billable hours, for less money than it takes to typically get in the door of a divorce attorney that knows what he or she is doing.

Please explore our website to learn more about pre-suit divorce mediation and our affordable flat-fee packages.

Click on our website at www.HealthyFamilyMediation.com for more information. Or call 239.529.3549 to discuss your options.

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