The two basic requirements of any mediation are the parties’ willingness to have a dialogue and mutual full disclosure.

While a successful divorce or family mediation often involves many different factors and moving parts, when the process is boiled down to its basics, there are only two elements that must exist for the mediation to move forward in a productive manner, namely the willingness of both parties to dialogue and the agreement that each party will fully disclose to the other all relevant information. As to the first requirement, it is impossible for a mediation to proceed without both parties

Avoid costly and uncertain billable hours and take control with pre-suit divorce mediation

I was a practicing trial attorney for more than 20 years, and while I enjoyed that work immensely, I ultimately grew to despise one of the fundamental aspects of most law practices, the billable hour.  Going through a divorce is stressful enough under the best of circumstances.  The uncertainty that accompanies a billable hour attorney fee structure only compounds the stress and trauma, and when a divorce drags on for months or years, with the money flowing out

Pre-suit mediation helps the parties evaluate the circumstances from a different perspective, and often results in a win-win solution that can be so elusive in a traditional adversarial divorce.

Unfortunately, when couples go down the road of contested divorce litigation, it is common for them to get so bogged down by the thought of winning that they lose focus on the issues and instead cling to their positions. The nature of the adversarial system means their lawyers, no matter how well-intentioned, will also focus on positions, rather than the issues underlying those positions. This is a recipe for emotional and financial disaster, and it happens every single