Constantly fighting and unable to agree on anything? Pre-suit mediation is still your best option for successfully navigating the rough seas of divorce.

Many people believe that pre-suit divorce mediation is only available to couples who get along relatively well and are already in agreement on most of the issues.  Couples who constantly argue assume that their only option is to hire aggressive and expensive divorce lawyers to fight it out for them in court.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Even the most conscientious divorce lawyers can end up fanning the flames and making things worse for couples, based on the nature of the adversarial court system and the things attorneys must do to win a client’s case.  Divorce mediators, on the other hand, are uniquely trained and qualified to help couples focus on the big picture of their lives after the divorce, assessing their unique situation and personal dynamic, and using various techniques to diffuse the anger and bring couples together to discuss and resolve their issues.

If each party has the desire to maintain control and navigate the process in an efficient and affordable manner, pre-suit mediation often results in a successful outcome, even when couples start off with a complete lack of agreement on any of the issues. The parties are also more likely to comply with the terms of their divorce when they have played an active role in achieving those results as opposed to tossing such important life decisions into the hands of a stranger.

Please contact Healthy Family Mediation Center to learn more about pre-suit mediation and how we can successfully help with your divorce, even if you can’t speak to each other right now.

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