Pre-suit mediation does not replace professional counseling, which is sometimes necessary in transitioning through a divorce

Pre-suit divorce mediation is definitely a healthier option than a traditional adversarial divorce, as it allows divorcing couples to take charge and retain control over important decisions that are highly personal and specific to their circumstances, rather than surrendering the matter to a judge that is truly a stranger to the family.  The nature of pre-suit mediation as opposed to lawyer-driven, contested litigation typically provides for a much quicker recovery from the trauma of divorce, and when children are involved, usually results in much more effective co-parenting, which is clearly in the children’s best interest and should be a primary goal of the parties.

However, mediation is not therapy or professional counseling, and it does not replace such services, which are sometimes necessary or helpful in connection with a divorce and the transition to a new and different phase of life.  Even though Healthy Family Mediation Center strives to provide an atmosphere that may be therapeutic in nature, particularly compared to adversarial divorce, we are not qualified to provide professional therapy services, and will not attempt to do so during mediation.

Every family is unique, but for most people, some form of counseling can play an important role in getting through a divorce so the future can be faced with confidence and optimism.  Children are particularly vulnerable to the negative energy that can surround their parents’ divorce, and it is critical that parents are not so preoccupied with their own problems that they fail to meet the needs of their children.  Please carefully consider whether therapy or counseling would benefit you and your children, and make every effort to take care of yourself and your children physically, mentally and spiritually before, during and after pre-suit mediation.

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