Pre-suit mediation is still your best option, even when your spouse is reluctant to bring up the subject of divorce.

It is not uncommon for one person to approach the breaking point of a marriage and begin contemplating the possibility of divorce before his or her spouse entertains such thoughts. Even after the subject has been raised, one spouse will often be ready to move forward with ending the relationship, while the other believes the marriage can be saved through counseling or otherwise, and refuses to even face the possibility of divorce. In fact, although I strongly prefer to meet with both spouses for an

Constantly fighting and unable to agree on anything? Pre-suit mediation is still your best option for successfully navigating the rough seas of divorce.

Many people believe that pre-suit divorce mediation is only available to couples who get along relatively well and are already in agreement on most of the issues.  Couples who constantly argue assume that their only option is to hire aggressive and expensive divorce lawyers to fight it out for them in court.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Even the most conscientious divorce lawyers can end up fanning the flames and making things worse for couples, based on the

Pre-suit mediation does not replace professional counseling, which is sometimes necessary in transitioning through a divorce

Pre-suit divorce mediation is definitely a healthier option than a traditional adversarial divorce, as it allows divorcing couples to take charge and retain control over important decisions that are highly personal and specific to their circumstances, rather than surrendering the matter to a judge that is truly a stranger to the family.  The nature of pre-suit mediation as opposed to lawyer-driven, contested litigation typically provides for a much quicker recovery from the trauma of divorce, and when children are involved,