Pre-suit divorce mediation allows the parties to control the process and the outcome for a fraction of the cost of traditional adversarial divorce.

Divorce is a traumatic and difficult situation under the best of circumstances, and most people facing the process will hire the best attorney they can afford to help them weather the storm and come out on top.  Unfortunately, undertaking a traditional adversarial divorce in this manner almost always leads to a complete surrender of control to the lawyers and the court, including both the process and the ultimate outcome.  Thankfully there is another option, namely pre-suit mediation, which allows the parties to work together to achieve a resolution that is in their best interest, saving them thousands of dollars in legal fees along the way.

With pre-suit mediation, the parties are given the opportunity to work with a neutral mediator whose job is to facilitate an open and honest discussion of the outstanding legal issues arising in their divorce, allowing the parties to control the ultimate decisions.  In the traditional divorce case, the parties surrender the decisions to a judge who is a stranger to the family, and who is required to determine the ultimate outcome based on a small snapshot of the parties’ circumstances.  Depending on the complexity and circumstances of the divorce, the parties may also be required to attend multiple court hearings, all of which are scheduled in accordance with the calendars of the lawyers and judge, without regard for the parties’ schedules.  Pre-suit mediation allows the parties to coordinate meetings that are compatible with their schedules, including evenings and weekends if necessary.

Traditional divorce can also be extremely expensive, and once the process begins it often takes on a life of its own, with each party facing unpredictable and costly legal bills every single month.  At Healthy Family Mediation Center, we offer affordable and comprehensive flat-rate packages that apply to most circumstances, allowing the parties to minimize their financial distress and retain complete control over their expenses throughout the process.

Please contact Healthy Family Mediation Center for a free initial consultation to learn more about how pre-suit mediation allows the parties to maintain control over their divorce and go through the process in a healthy and affordable manner.

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